Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Please pray for my husband!

We have gone through a rough couple of weeks once again but I know God is in control and I honestly have to trust him as the trials in life just keep throwing difficulties at us! My husband had a three level fusion on Oct 8, 2009. It was a rough time following the surgery. My husband has Post Traumatic Stress so everytime he goes into the operating room he goes back to 12 years ago when he went through a horrible surgery and ICU at a local hospital....I always thought it would leave someday but when Kerry goes into surgery all those memories come back so strong...so strange how the brain works and remembers things so intensly...you would honestly not believe how difficult to go through this over and over. The day after surgery we were told that my husbands interthecal cathater had been cut in surgery and had to be reconnected! Well, after getting my husbands staples out last week they discovered that the pump was still leaking and now Kerry is facing another surgery to go in and put a new cathater into his pump and spine! It has been up and down the last few weeks and just so difficult to go through more hospital and doctors.........I pray that this will be the last of this medical nightmare and hopefully this last surgery will give some relief to my husband. Tomorrow we go back for them to decide what is the next step and when they will decide Kerry can go back into the operating room as his incision was not healing well and had to wait for the swelling to go down. I am trusting God with all the decisons as it just gets so overwhelming to what will take place in the next few weeks and that their will be no infection in his spine! hugs and prayers, cheryl

PS It was neat today I went to get LiHeap help with our local County Office and the lady that was taking our application was so sweet and I told her I can either look at the cup half full or half empty! Today it is half full! She looked at me and said, "But sometimes we are still thirsty!" How true in life....Have a great week!

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littlethings1 said...

Will keep Kerry and you in my prayers. I pray that God will wrap His arms of love around your entire family at this time , praying all goes well and that you will have the strength you need !
A big hug !