Sunday, July 20, 2008

Magic Glos and Lisa Pavelka

I am so glad I was able to go and learn about magic glos and also how to make her skinner blends with polymer clay...
Here is the light we got to cure only takes about 10 min. Amazing product!

We really did laugh and it was Friday night and so many of us were tired and goofy by the end...We did enjoy the different classes..I was so tired on Sat. I couldn't even go...I had to call and cancel as it was just too much driving and sitting for me...hugs, cheryl

Lisa Pavelka taught this class with her brand new GLOS and a really neat polymer clay project.
Here is a description of the class and it was really neat...hugs. cheryl
Learn the secrets to working with 3 or more color skinner blends as well as the best way to keep the colors close for small canvas projects. Then - complete this watch face pendant by incorporating mini-trinkets, fuseable fibers and glitter with the UV Cured GLOS layer.

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