Sunday, July 27, 2008

Please pray for my daughter was my post on Ruebee that I am sharing...hugs, cheryl

On Friday morning before I left for my cervical injection into my spine as I have two herniated disks in my neck Natalie called me...she is 17 and my youngest and she babysits for a Doctors family and then for others in the office for several years now...She was watching the four children and the daughter was sitting in the couch and it had the lazyboy type chair to it and she put it back and the kitten ran under it and Abbey closed it and the kitten got stuck in the couch....Natalie tried to get it out as it was screaming and so were the children ..well the kitten bit and scratched Natalie and she finally called one of the other Nurses she baby-sits for and she came over and they called 911 and they told her they couldn't do anything and they still couldn't get the kitten out so by now Mary the doctor's wife was back and fortunately they called the Fire Dept and they came and it took 5 of them to cut the couch apart and get the kitten out finally...ironically the couch was only 2 months old...Natalie was not hurting too bad when she called me but I had no idea how bad a cat bite is...I left and went for my injection and that evening she told me she was hurting but so was I and it didn't seem all that Sat. morning she woke me up at 5 crying...I called the doctors office and the nurse told me it would be probably fine...she had no idea how bad cat bites are the afternoon the Pediatrician called me to tell me that she needs on antibiotics as they can really get infected as they are worse than dog bites...and if it got worse to go to you can probably guess where we spent the night in ER...she had to have IV antibiotics and if it is worse in two days she will have to be admitted as it is really a serious thing and it might go down her arm the infection...I had no idea about cat bites...They looked at us and told us this story about the couch and all they had never heard...sounds like my life once again...then poor Natalie has been through a lot and has no veins to get IV's and it was a tough night. please pray that this infection does not spread...they even put her on Vicodin...Kerry my husband is not doing good and has to have more back surgery and a possible impingement on the neck with a nerve and can hardly lift his left I have three of us really struggling here,...I know God is in control but wow what a last few months and the last few weeks for me have just felt like a roller coaster ride...Thanks for all your prayers and all your comments on my page...I am so thankful for Ruebee and all of you...I really know God seems to give me just the right people in my life when I need them and all of you I guess have been chosen to go on this part of my journey....hugs, cheryl

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