Monday, August 4, 2008

A Good Will Find ...$60 turns into over $5000! Amazing

The Country Church" - 1985 - 20" x 24"
750 Edition/20 Artist Proofs
#142 (signed on back) $2000
"Farm & Feed Store" - 1985 - 20" x 24"
750 Edition/20 Artist Proofs
#14 $3,500 OBO
#168 $2,750 OBO
#384 $3000 OBO
#656 Signed $2600 OBO
I stopped at my favorite store yesterday and was just ready to leave when I heard a lady say those are Hargrove paintings...I stopped to look and another person was looking at them and she walked away as they were $29.95 each...I walked over and we started talking and she told me I should buy them as she has a bunch of them and she paid over $250 for small one's years ago..we looked at the dates and they were from 1985 and 86....I thought mmmm should I or not..I called my mom to see if she had a coupon and she didn't and told me don't as they were too expensive but I told her they would look really nice as they just got done redmodeling the kitchen and she needed something on the walls...I didn't listen and bought them..the lady told me to keep one and sell one on Ebay...I went over and we put them up and they are is perfect in the office where my dad sits and that is the church..he can look at it where he sits everyday! Then the Feed store match's here kitchen and looks perfect on that wall..we still had no idea how much they were worth..I got up today and looked online and found this site...I couldn't believe it! Now my dad tells me how much he loves looking at that Church today...we both laughed and I told him it goes in the Trust it comes back to me my 60 dollar investment at Good Will is really a Good Deal as we have numbers 77 and 287 of the 750 painted..and they are the big paintings...Isn't this one of those amazing stories that I never thought it would be me saying I found this and it was worth something..hugs, cheryl A Good way to start a Monday! My dad says he isn't selling them..he likes them more now that they are worth He is too funny!

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Suzan Buckner said...

WAY TO GO!!!! I love stories like this! I am also an antique dealer, on top of being an artist, so it really excites me. I have found a painting worth $1000 (paid $2.50 for it), and I swear that I have an original Degas..LOL..but haven't had that one checked out yet. It's a cool feeling isn't it?? Hope you enjoy them!!