Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kerry and his interthecal pump! Needs to be changed!

Kerry my husband has one more obstacle to fight through...his pump started is an interthecal pump that delivers pain medication into his spine where he had the infection 10 years ago to help with all the chronic pain from all the nerve endings being cut and debrided in that area...the pump was just put in 23 months ago and should have lasted several more years..than last night I was googling medtronics pumps and found this FDA recall and very upsetting to see this...I called and the only pump available to put back into Kerry is the same one as he has the latest style but you wonder what is wrong! They can wait fortunately till Dec 8 for Kerry to go through this as he is just getting over his fusion and they do not want to put him under right one more obstacle for him to face! hugs, cheryl Keep Kerry in your prayers!

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