Monday, October 27, 2008

Pain! I have learned so much in the last two months...I can't even imagine what my husband lives with..

It has sure been a rough two months and to go through so many tests and doctors and driving back and forth to hospitals...they finally came up with a few things that I have is fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, Osteoarthritis, chronic insomnia from all the pain of not being able to sleep on my side, stomach or roll over without waking up crying... then last week I went through another EMG that I said I would never do and had one more but still waiting as they still are not sure what is causing my leg tremors from February those now I have added more doctors to my list that I never would have imagined I would have at the age of 47 from Rheumatologists, Neurologists, to Neurosurgeons and then the one to help me the most has been my Acupuncture Doctor Jing Li! Amazing how natural seems to make the most sense after all of this..Dr. Li has been amazing and she has helped me for 2 years now deal with from plantar fasciitis to when I had the bad disk in my low back pain to headaches, stress, shoulder pain, neck pain and other problems along the way...I can only thank her for what she has done to help me keep fighting this and keep trying to go on...then Jim Stein who has given me so many massages and always been there for me with a listening ear! He was the one that told me about Dr. Li and I thought how could needles really help! It is amazing as each time I would go Dr. Li would then tell me to go to the beach and asleep I would go and she would have to wake me up to take the needles is amazing the feeling you get after many people are afraid of needles or trying acupuncture but after the last few years and all I have endured with the medical field it is truly the best way to go...then this past week with my neck so bad she referred me to a doctor up north and I went on Saturday with tears in my eyes by the time I arrived at Dr. Deng's...I laid down on his bed and tears were rolling down my face as the pain was honestly getting too much as I have not been able to hardly lift my arms for two months now...he told me to turn around and trust him as he turned and pulled on my neck and arms and adjusted my neck and disks in my was immediate relief as so much pressure had been taken off and then he did the acupuncture to my cervical, shoulders, and neck...I left being able to turn my head, move my arms and was not in tears anymore! It was honestly amazing and I can say acupuncture is honestly amazing..I have to thank Dr. Deng and Dr. Jing Li who has helped me and given me the relief from the pain I have had for these past years...please give it a try and read all the benefits of acupuncture you will be amazed...hugs and prayers, cheryl

Here is Dr. Jing Li's phone number if you live near Naperville, IL
check out this site with information...

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