Friday, February 6, 2009

Bookmarks in the Scrapbook of Life

Bookmarks in the Scrapbook of Life

It's really through the trials and hard things in life
that we see God for all He can do.
While our faith is tested, we are made to look up
toward the One who can help us get through.
It's times of desperation when the heart is broken
and we discover how deep the pain goes,
Yet we find in that brokenness, the ability to cope
by the grace that God quietly shows.
While the world says good health is the most prized blessing
we know it's not necessarily true.
For good health comes and goes...but it can never compare
to a God who is faithful to you.
It's times of disappointment that leave the soul aching
and tears falling for what has been shattered,
Yet they show us the value we have in God's eyes
when the world didn't care for what mattered.
It's lean times when money is "tighter than tight"
and financial encouragement is rare,
That God beckons us to see Him as the Ultimate Provider
while He proves He is already there.
Good times are special pages in the scrapbook of life
for they are blessings from a God who is true.
But the difficult seasons bookmark spiritual blessings
when they show us what our God can do.

©Sheila Gosney

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