Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sometimes you wonder why we go through so many crazy things in our lives and what is the purpose for them? Why do things happen to some families and not to others? Why do some people have to suffer depression and others don't? Why do some people have to suffer pain and illness while others don't? I try so hard not to let the why's get me someday's but sometimes the why's get me...why do teenagers act the way they do to parents? Oh it can just about drive you crazy....I have learned to just let it go and get busy with something but the tears still come and it hurts but after awhile you feel better and pick up where you left off and life goes on....hopefully someday I will know some of the why's of life cause right now they got me down...hugs, cheryl

Lyrics to the song playing...

Can't give up now!

There will be mountains
That I will have to climb
And there will be battles
That I will have to fight
But victory or defeat
It's up to me to decide
But how can I expect to win
If I never try

I just can't give up now
I've come too far from where
I started from
Nobody told me
The road would be easy
And I don't believe He's brought me this far
To leave me

Never said there wouldn't be trials
Never said I wouldn't fall
Never said that everything would go
The way I want it to go
But when my back is against the wall
And I feel all hope is gone
I'll just lift my head up to the sky
And say help me to be strong, oh


Oh, I know You didn't bring me
Out here to leave me lonely, oh no
Even when I can't see clearly
I know that You are with me so I can't

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Merry's Musings said...

Hang in there! You have so much to share, and you are such a giver. These are hard times for all of us, and even if it seems like other folks have it easy we don't know what really goes on. I'm thankful that God takes care of us in small ways that we don't know about. Too bad we can't just swat them and put em in time out like we used to. You know they have something/someone treating them bad, so it's probably just a little venting. You have a lot of love in your house and things will get back to normal soon hopefully. Well, I'll get off of my soapbox now. Blessings to you! Keep hangin, you have so much to give!

worep...where do they get these code words?