Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a week here!!!

Well what a week here again!!! It will change some time soon I started with Lindsay going to the hospital in Springfield Mo on Sat night...she has a kidney infection with yeast! Then her mouth got canker sores and she is a mess from being at camp all week...then Natalie had a friend die in a car accident that just graduated with her..they were driving and the road was wet and they hydroplaned and hit a tree and the back of the car was gone and she was sitting in the back seat and got thrown out and died..they found her on a fence! The night of the wake Natalie came walking through the dining room and her foot got caught on a stand and she kept walking and she pulled it and it became dislocated and broken...she did it to the same toe 4 years ago next week! We had to go back to the same foot surgeon and he has done 3 other foot surgeries on her and now a 4th this week! He has to go and put it back in place and put a pin in is hanging off the side...I can't believe it! All his nurses kept coming in the room...he looked at Natalie and is like I have had you since you were a baby! He has been so good to us!

That same day I had to go to an endodontist for a tooth that was infected and was told it is cracked and of course it is holding a bridge so he couldn't do anything for me...he just told me to go and didn't charge was suppose to be 95 dollars...I then had to call the dentist that has taken care of us and they called back and set up the appointment for when we get back from Lindsay's, as my parents and I are going down to help her move next week!

Now we get told Kerry has adhesions on his stomach and that is what is causing his is scar tissue growing and we have to get him into a general all of this in a week!!!! I then had my last session it was to be with the doctor in Chicago from the study at Rush and today he told me he is going to keep seeing me as he knows that I still have so much going on and he will just do it without charging me...I have to say God does take care of us...We have a dentist, physical therapist, podiatrist, psychiatrist, and they have taken us all for no charge!!! Is that amazing and I didn't even ask ....God just keeps providing through our trials! hugs and prayers to all of you, cheryl Here is a picture of what it looks like looking out this doctors office in is so beautiful...Lake Michigan!!!

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