Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Brightness of Heaven’s Pure Gold

The Brightness of Heaven’s Pure Gold
In the course of your life, may you never lose sight
of God and his magnificent power.
For God is worthy of trust…and able to reveal
His strength unto you every hour.
When you need the wisdom and knowledge to grow
God will send you situations unknown.
But you will learn to cry out for what only He gives
and then later see how much you’ve grown.
There may be seasons you just don’t understand
where the pain seems more than you can bear.
But God will reclaim that brokenness for His ultimate glory
proving the purpose & plan that was there.
You may endure losses…much more than your “share”
or what you ever would have dreamed at the start.
Yet those heartaches are the instrument mysteriously used
to etch the peace of God on your heart.
You may struggle uphill in ways people don’t see
as you seek God through financial strife.
But later on, you will be the one voice in a crowd
to praise God for the basics of life.
You may walk through hard trials and difficult chapters
where others can’t comfort or relate
But you’ll hear the precious voice of Almighty God
and you can handle the stress on your plate.
For there isn’t a time in the course of your life
when God loses the power to hold.
And it’s the shattered, broken vessels of the Lord Jesus Christ
who shine the brightness of heaven’s pure gold.
©Sheila Gosney

It is hard to understand at times what we go through and why sometimes we suffer for so long. This past week my husband had one more surgery and it is so hard to watch him go through the struggles and pain. I wonder at times how much more can Kerry take as he suffers in pain each day. I never understood how difficult it was on both sides of this marriage. I feel as though I lost my partner in life but he is still here. I want my husband back that made me laugh and smile and we had the best times together. Now he lays in a hospital bed downstairs most days and nights in pain. He always has hope even after almost 11 years that someday he will get out of this pain and I know it is not going to happen until he gets to heaven but for now I have to watch him in pain. It is so hard to watch someone that you have loved so much just cry in pain and nothing you do helps! Medications do not even touch the pain and only in sleep is he peaceful....He had another surgery to repair tears in the stomach wall and scar tissue that the doctor feels nerves were trapped and caused the pain and suffering he has had since November. Now we wait to see if he is better in a few weeks...just wish for a day I could take his pain away! hugs, cheryl

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Merry's Musings said...

There is a special place in the Lords heart for you, marriage is hard under the best of circumstances. You are an inspiration to us all, that's for sure. wow Cheryl, hope that surgery helps your dh so much, I really feel for Kerry. So much pain for so long, please keep us posted. And I will keep you and fam in my prayers. God Bless.