Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Natalie's Broken Toe!!!!

Hard to believe that while redoing my kitchen this could have happened again to Natalie! I had piled everything into the dining room and it was taking longer than usual due to my shoulder surgery to get the kitchen painted and redecorated ...then about two weeks ago Natalie came walking through the dining room and got her toe caught on a cart and pulled her toe off the foot and dislocated and fractured it for the second time! She had to have it repositioned then cut open and a pin put in it to hold the bone and seven stitches put in it! Almost exactly four years to the day she did this as a freshman ...she is now on crutches and is suppose to be going to Florida on Saturday with four other friends....I think she might be taking Kerry's wheelchair to get around! She has three more weeks of not walking on her foot! Not a good way to spend her summer!!! Please pray for quick healing for her toe! hugs, cheryl

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