Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am losing weight!!!

I have started dieting and have lost 4 pounds...I am trying to follow weight watchers as my daughter lost almost 40 pounds on it and decided I am going to do this! My daughters laughed and told me I am old and can't do it and get down to where I was when I was 35 so now I am more determined than ever....I am finally getting over the pain from shoulder surgery...two more weeks of the sling! I never want to go through this again..I have honestly had enough surgery's for my life now...Pray for my daughter as she had to have a ct scan on Friday as they think she might have damaged her back in gym class...she is in College in Springfield, MO and had surgery a year ago...we find out Monday morning what is wrong! hugs, cheryl Have a great Easter Weekend!

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