Monday, April 20, 2009

I am stuck at 4 pounds

It is monday and raining...just weighed myself and cannot get past 4 pounds..I am going to try harder this cheating, lots of water and more sling comes off on Thursday from my Rotator Cuff Surgery!!!! Yeah...hopefully he lets me do a few more things..I have to say though six weeks did go by faster than I mom was like it will be here and gone before you know it...I was in so much pain I thought no way...and here this week is Here!!!! She was right...never like to admit our mother's are alway's usually right...have a great week...hugs, cheryl

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Sweetina said...

Oh I understand completely! I am stuck at 6 lbs. Took me 8+ weeks of biking and walking.
So I am frustrated with you!
We shall meet our goals and persevere together!!!