Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forgot to pay the Gas Bill....Cold Water, No Dryer, No cooking!

I had good intentions and forgot all about May 1st to call Nicor Gas and set up payments...I arrived home from my daughters in the afternoon and just collapsed in the husband came to wake me up and he hated to tell me but the Gas Company came out in the afternoon and put a lock on our gas service..I just cried and cried...some days you really wonder how much more can we has been over 24 hours now and still waiting for them to receive the medical approval to turn us back on...we should find out tomorrow as Kerry is disabled and he really cannot go without hot water...we cannot even wash the clothes or do many things we take for granted...I will not let this one ever go again! Another thing I will put on my list of never to forget!!!! The girls have handled it better than I thought...I really thought they were going to get so mad at me but they have been very understanding knowing I really did not mean to do this! hugs, cheryl

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