Friday, May 15, 2009


Well today was not a day like I planned on...went to Loyola on the wrong day...I was to go on Monday ...where did I get Friday...I am so brain dead anymore...Kerry had the neurosurgeon and the General Physician and here is the next things ahead...he can only have one more surgery ever on his spine for the rest of his life...Lindsay and I say to wait till winter to do this so he can at least enjoy the summer as best he can...then they believe he has a hernia and has to have blood work and ct scan and see a surgeon another day in our lives...tomorrow is Prom and it has rained and they say flash floods and possible frost tomorrow night and Sunday is not suppose to be cold now..crazy weather here in Chicago land....Greys was so sad last night...oh poor George and Izzy! hugs, cheryl

PS then I forgot to share on Monday Kerry put an old shutter in the doorway to catch the dog in the kitchen so he could take her out and when I walked in the door I didn't see it and fell right over it and hit my face flat on the floor...I ended up with whiplash and hurt both of my shoulders...I have had so much pain...not a good way to help rotator cuff and a fusion on your neck heal....what a glad it is Friday!!!!!

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littlethings1 said...

Hi Cheryl !
Wow , sounds like your life is so busy with so many apointments! So glad the time is going by fast and that you are recovering well , but I did envision the shutter in the doorway scene , oh my , could of been a disaster! I am off to a ton of garage sales this AM with my daughter. It has been cold and rainy here, no yard work as of yet for me as I just dont do it when it is this cold! Spring should come some time !!Take care & hugs to you !