Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Listening to the nudge of God!

I just woke up and talking in my sleep and I decided to call and check on my dad...the nurse told me he was in pain and wanted pain meds so he was calling the doctor and he has been bleeding red blood for a day now..they think he might be bleeding internally now..please pray so hard to go through and watch and how awesome though that God gives me these nudges constantly and I listen like tonight at 3 am to call and the nurse gave me the phone and I was able to talk to my dad for 15 min. He told me I always know when something is wrong and it really is true for 10 years I have always called doctors and they have listened and tonight to think I called and my dad needed someone to talk to is just like our heavenly father always there to listen..he is showing me that he will be there for me day or night and I will make it and when my dad will be in heaven it will be such a better place..hugs, cheryl ...xoxoxoxo for the storms of life....I am glad I have all of you to lift me up!

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