Thursday, June 26, 2008

My mom, dad and I on my Mom's Birthday...84 years old

We celebrated my mom's birthday last night and you learn to treasure these days more and more...hugs, cheryl Hard to believe they are 84 abd 85 ...where did the years go?

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skeeterbug said...

Precious memories! I wish I had some nice pictures of my mom. She died in 1982. My children never really knew my mom as she died when my daughter was 2 and my son was 1. My dad is still alive and will be 90 this Aug. He is still fairly active but I have noticed that his memory is begining to fail. It's heartbreaking to see this happen although he's really not that bad yet. He and my step mom live in Merrilleville, IN so it's not terribly far but far enough. At least my children got the chance to know my dad. Cherish the time you spend with them-it goes by all too quickly! Peace, Anita