Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Living Wills...make sure you have yours..

My mom thought she had a living will at the hospital and she didn't have it at home either it was at the attorney's office and they were closed over the weekend...I called at 6:45 before the nurse left from the night shift and got news that they had to call a code on my dad as his heart rate was over 160 and climbing and couldn't get it down so they had to zap him with the machine..and give him IV meds to get his heart rate to go back to normal..then his urine is all blood and not sure but the nurse is concerned with his stomach distending...so please pray...and just a word of advice to make sure if you have a living will you have a copy at home and the hospital that you go to..they only had my mom's on file and not my dad's..here my parents thought they had both of theirs...I learned this with Kerry also and this makes me know I need to check the hospitals again to make sure it has the copies on file...going up as more specialists are being called in this am...hugs, cheryl

PS My dad told me today I have no idea how Kerry goes through each day of suffering..I have only had a few days in my life and he has had 10 years...we both started to cry..I told him I am praying that God will take his pain away...and that is why Kerry always wants to sleep because then he doesn't remember so much suffering and my dad told me I know now...

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