Saturday, September 6, 2008

I guess I should not ask for a day off of hugs, cheryl

When my mom called this morning I told her I have the morning off and I am all alone as my husband had a driver take him to Chicago as I forgot about a program from the State to drive him as he cannot drive...Kerry told me he would do that so I could have some time to myself...I was so happy to have a morning alone at noon it was all falling apart with Lindsay then she called and told me she didn't even want to live..she was crying so bad and and as a mom you just want to I did! Tried to see what I could do and nothing seemed to be working out be later today Lindsay found out she has to finish this semester as the loan money cannot be returned for this semester so she is going back to school on Sunday which is good..she needs it...she also got a call this afternoon for a job at a Blood bank as a receptionist and she goes in Monday but they told her over the phone that she was just what they were looking for and the hours will work out for both of them! What a God Watch for her most you were praying a door would open...then I called up to see if they had read Kerry's MRI report and they already had it and I asked for it to be at 5 p.m I got the news on his neck and he has a herniated disk of 5 mm pushing on a nerve in his spine..and two others are bulging so he will need to have surgery..I have to give all of this back to God and just rest in his arms...To think I started the week of at Oprah with the subject of Overwhemed fitting! And a neurologists telling me that I am probably too stressed out and sleep deprived...oh my! Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns for our family and all of you that keep us on your prayer lists...I truly appreciate all of you Ruebee's ..hugs and prayers, cheryl

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