Monday, September 29, 2008

Oprah Show on this Wed. and pray for us as Kerry and I both need neck fusions a week apart!

I just checked the website and it is on this Wed...for the Oprah Show I went to at the beginning of the month...
Tune In

It's taken a year for her to come forward. Mercilessly judged…she call herself the most hated mom in America. Overwhelmed moms and dads, let this be your wake-up call. (PG)

Tune in on 10/01 to watch this show

Also today I have an orthopedic appointment at Chicago and am going to have to make my decision about my neck fusion..I still cannot hardly lift my arms at is so frustrating but I have peace that after 8 years of suffering maybe this will finally be what I really need to take care of my neck from falling on ice and suffering all these years..only really hard thing is my husband is having the same surgery the week before and I do not honestly know how we will make it but I have to trust God through this has been so hard to even tell anyone as they are just shocked and speachless to say the least...On Oct. 15 it will be 10 years to the date that our lives changed and my husband fell and severed his spine on a roof just from a 3 foot fall ...we have seen God use us and I know we are better people because of this and have changed so many lives but at times lately it has been the most difficult times we have faced in all these years..Pray for me as this is honestly beyond anything I can imagine going through..this will be my second surgery on my spine as I had a fusion in my low back exactly two tears ago in October...hugs and prayers, Cheryl and Kerry
PS Will draw the winner today for the blog giveaway...

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