Thursday, December 4, 2008 mom called and told me this is on the MRI..waiting to hear back from the doctors..I knew it was not good!

Diskitis is an inflammation of the vertebral disk space often related to infection. Infection of the disk space must be considered with vertebral osteomyelitis, as these conditions are almost always present together and share much of the same pathophysiology, symptoms, and treatment. Although diskitis and associated vertebral osteomyelitis are uncommon conditions, they are often the causes of debilitating neurologic injury. Unfortunately, morbidity can be exacerbated by a delay in diagnosis and treatment of this condition. The lumbar region is most commonly affected, followed by the cervical spine and, lastly, the thoracic spine.

this is just so strange as I felt something is wrong once again and when I called for the MRI report she told me she had to wait for the doctor to sign off before she could send it but it would be going to the doctors shortly and then they would fax me..I had a weird feeling today..then today someone told me how a hospital should be built in Plainfield..well, tears just came to my eyes as I told them how strange that all of these past two weeks has been the 10 year anniversary and look where we are at..Hospitals, MRI's and Neurosurgeon offices as usual but right at the day's of the anniversary's..she felt bad I could tell and I said if only the truth had come out I could handle it but I have to live with the mistakes and no one can fix one..then my mom and I went home after shopping for a Christmas tree as we needed one that is easier to put up as now Kerry cannot help and my arms are so bad ...I crawled into bed and crashed and mom called a few hours later to tell me what the fax heart sank as I knew that word was not good news...I told her to wait till I turned on the computer and sure enough when I googled it I was right...all the terms and medical things we lived through are facing us for the fourth time with Kerry! I had tears coming down my face and my mom told me to remember to be greatful in all things..just like my mom would say to me at this time..I told her I have learned to say thanks a lot lately to God and what do you think when you have this facing you again? I told her I need to leave a message for the doctor and she told me I could probably still get him..he was still in surgery but the girls are so kind up there and told me they would leave the message on his desk along with Kerry's MRI report...just waiting tonight ...........Kerry is scheduled for his new interthecal pump on Monday but now all of this might change once again! hugs and prayers, cheryl

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phatvat said...

Sunday, March th, 2009

I currently have Diskitis. It really has taken a toll on my life. In 2002 I had some really rare tumors removed from my Lumbar and since then I have had back issues. Diskitis was just diagnosed 4 weeks ago. I've been on oral antibiotics since leaving the hospital.
I think, or I know that I got Diskitis during my last hospital stay when the drs. tried for 2 hours to put a lumbar drainage tube in my back. I have metal in my Lumbar and it was hard for the drs. to finally get the tube in. I believe this is when I got this bacterial disease.
I'm 37, male and I live in Minneapolis, MN. There are some really great drs. here, but I feel like dying. I'm on so many pills for the pain and I've been on disability for 3 years now. Everyone thought the pain I was having was all in my head until a dr. did an EMG on my right leg. I could barely walk and am using a cane right now to get around.
My mom is here from Wisconsin to help me out with things around the house.
Sorry for the long comment. I'm curious to know how long it took you to clear up this rare staph infection?
Would like to hear back from you. Leave a comment and I'll write to you?
Take care.