Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Husband and Daughter...two good stories...he made it one more time through more surgery's..hugs, cheryl

Kerry just got out of surgery at 6 PM tonight and they put a new interthecal pump in..and also got the wires out of his back..It has been a long weekend as the MRI last week had showed he might have had an infection again in his spine but the blood work came back ok today so they went ahead with the surgery..so please pray for no infection...so thankful this one is behind him..hugs and prayers, cheryl

PS they are sending in his pump to Medtronics to see why his pump only lasted 23 months and it should have lasted 5 years..it will take 4-6 weeks to find out what is wrong with his pump!

This is a neat story about Mallory ..she took Kerry to get his MRI at River North and while there was flipping through Chicago Magazine when she saw these girls that she recognized and she turned back and started yelling for her Dad who had just got into the MRI machine..he made them turn it off and he got out to see what was wrong and she was like look ...these are the models I did a few months ago and there was a two page write up on the models in this months Chicago Magazine and Mallory did 4 out of 5 of their hair coloring...She tests out tomorrow and Wednesday and then she will get her own chair at Mario's in Oakbrook..I am so happy for her as it has been a long road for her to finally get to this place in her career...

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