Friday, December 26, 2008

Please pray for today...

Please pray for me as I am going into surgery today for a neck fusion...I fell on ice over 8 years ago and now I cannot take the pain any more and finally am going to have my neck is not going to be easy as my husband is still not doing well and has not recovered from his two surgery's. But my oldest daughter is home from College so I have her help for two weeks and this was the best time to do this as my parents are 84 and 85 and cannot drive much anymore...We had a really nice Christmas and it went very well...Kerry made it to both sides and had to go to bed at my parents most of the time but at least he came and he made it to his brothers for dinner and then we brought him home ...but I was so thankful that he at least got out of the house and went..that was a huge thing for him...hugs and prayers, cheryl


Sweetina said...

You're in my prayers,Dear.
In a few weeks you will feels so much better. A friend of mine had neck surgery (injury also) and now she is feeling so much relief.
Take care and rest in the early days~we'll be thinking of you and again praying also for you both.
Good Health in the year to come~

Sheila said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please place your healing hand on singsofthimensuch and if it be your will please give her comfort and fast healing.. Sheila