Saturday, April 5, 2008

Before and After...House Painting

Here is the before and after pictures of our home!
This is my dad at 82 years old painting our home...We did it together father and daughter! Amazing when I think back to all this work! hugs, cheryl


skeeterbug said...

Looks like I'm the first one to post a comment on the house. WOW! It really is beautiful! It's nice to look back and realize all the work involved. You guys did a beautiful job! Want to do my house next? It would just be a simple black with white facia board. Simple compared to what you did!

signsoftimensuch said...

I have to laugh as I gave up the outside painting business after getting done with this! My dad is still amazed Father and Daughter did it and he was 82 and I was 45 at the time...thanks for the compliment! hugs, cheryl