Saturday, April 12, 2008

I was the runner up in a Repurposing Contest!

I came in as runner up for Linda's contest on repurposing things that you have and how can you reuse them. This is what I am really trying to do this year as I am doing my crafts! I love to challange myself and this is the perfect challange for 2008 to be repurposing items into neat items! I am sure we all have closets of things we wanted to do over the years but never got to them. I challange you to start getting out those old projects and see how you can use them today in maybe something else...There are so many awesome websites! I will go through and put some of my favorites in this weekend so check back to see what neat sites and blogs to check out...It is amazing what some crafters have done. Have a Great Weekend! hugs, cheryl

Here is how I took old CD's and melted them into jewelry pieces...they are so colorful and unique because each one is different and unique!

Here is a book I took and altered it into a handmade treasure to give to someone can have them ordered with your own pictures and sayings that you want or just have one made for That Special Person in your life! I love making these as they challange me to try new techniques!

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