Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We have sure had a medical week again..but this has been our life...everyone tells me to write a book and it sure seems like I voice is going once again and I had to go to U of C yesterday to an ENT and he scoped my throat but thankfully my vocal chords are still moving and is trying medicine again to see if that will stop my choking on food and get my voice to come back strong again..I have to go back to get more tests at Loyola done now...then Kerry my husband came up to me last night at 11 pm almost in tears as he has had so many surgeries for back and pain...he has a stimulator and interthecal pump inside of him and we are not sure if he has a hernia or what so I called his doctor early this morning and had to bring him into Rush this morning and they injected it with steroids and are going to try and help his pain as he is in so much chronic pain that they have to change his meds in his pump on Monday and on Friday give him an injection into his spine for relief of foot another week of medical next week...Kerry turns 50 tomorrow and he became disabled 10 years ago...hard to believe! They never thought he would survive and he we are 10 years later but so hard to watch someone you love suffer daily and nothing you can do but watch...I really have lived the richer, poorer, sickness and in health when we married almost 25 years ago this fall...hugs, cheryl

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