Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 years...where did 10 years go!

I had no idea what today was...our lives were so simple 10 years ago..three little girls, a successful business, my husband loved his job as a sales man..we always joked he could sell anything if he could sell toilet paper...a Beautiful home that we owned and our lives were going so well..then November 20, 1998 came and life changed! I know today is just a day but every year I think it will get easier but when I had to put the date down on the papers to sign it hit me ...I stopped and looked up at her and she could tell something was wrong...tears came to my eyes and I tried to write the date! I shared in tears today is 10 years..10 years ago today it all started...Kerry went into the hospital for back surgery and never did I have the same husband that I married but I have not left I have stayed in every kind of situation that has been thrown at us! Through a nightmare of medical errors, mental problems, financial, legal, family, raising three beautiful daughters, we have done all those vows that we took 25 years ago...For Richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, for better or worse...we have done all of them and we are still together! So many times I think I cannot do it one more day! I only think what our lives would have been if so many mistakes had not happened those few days so many years ago but I have to let it go..just let it go! I have to accept this is who I have to live the rest of my life with and just learn to pray for strength for the day! It has not ever been a break from medical but Kerry is still here and still fighting so I have to keep fighting with him...hugs, cheryl

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