Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today has a reason!

There is a reason why you are here to live through this one-of-a-kind day. Do you know what that reason could be?
Yes, in some way, somehow, somewhere you know. And the more you can connect with that reason, the more beautiful, fulfilling and meaningful this day will be.

Perhaps you have arrived at this point in order to learn something new and valuable. Perhaps you are here today to lend a hand or to give a lift to someone who would otherwise have no one else.

Perhaps you have something to create, something that has never existed before. Or perhaps you have something to say, something that others would truly benefit from hearing.

Today has a reason. Of that you can be sure. And today has a special reason just for you. Discover it, live it, and delight in being today who you are meant to be.

-- Ralph Marston

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